From Ear to There (2013)

Recorded in Nashville at Sonoma Recording Studios and Mixed/Mastered at AllFoggedUp studios in Moss Beach, CA. 14 original compositions on 6 and 12-string guitar and 48 minutes of music.


01. 3 Candles
02. Solve for X
03. Ode to a Farm Girl
04. Martha Lou
05. Victory’s Garden
06. Don’t Wake the Baby
07. Solstice of Solitude
08. Pillow Fight
09. 4 Minutes to Sunset
10. The Nervous Wrech
11. Why Oh Why YYJ
12. Heart of the Matter
13. Spinning
14. Flower Fields Forever.

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55 Miles (2009)

You’ve got miles without houses and places near the water where northern elephant seals consider the day. If ever there was a CD to explain all the colors and textures of a journey down this road it is Mark Kostrzewa’s “55 miles.”

55miles - cover

01. Dog Dreams
02. Closer Than They Appear
03. Salvadoran Sunrise
04. Barefoot on the Bluffs
05. Django’s Cherrios
06. Weezy Anna Slide
07. On a Northern Lake
08. Na Sua Pele
09. Hedge Fun
10. Going Home
11. The Grass is Always Greener
12. A Place on the Planet
13. Sucre
14. Sister Lucy of Humboldt
15. Ipanema Highway
16. 55 Miles

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